Fundraiser for Tuition Assistance and Community Outreach! Runs 10/15-11/30


Art for Tuition Assistance and Community Outreach

Art for Tuition Assistance and Community Outreach is a digital art print fundraiser for Capitol Hill Arts Workshop (CHAW) that runs October 15 - November 30, 2022. It is made possible by the generous donation of images by talented DMV area artists associated with CHAW. Please click on their links to learn more about them and their work.

About the Fundraiser

The website for the fundraiser will be live October 15-November 30, 2022. On the website you will be able to look at thumbnails of available artwork, and buy prints for $50 each. These are not fine art prints, but prints of digitally reproduced artwork, therefore each image can be bought multiple times and by multiple people.

All artwork will be printed on 8”x10” archival paper, in an open, unsigned edition, and mailed to purchasers at the end of the fundraiser, in the first week of December.

All proceeds after offsetting the cost of printing will go towards Tuition Assistance and Community Outreach at CHAW.

About Tuition Assistance and Community Outreach at CHAW

Children who benefit most from arts education are the least likely to receive it due to economic constraints and lack of access to instructional resources. Each year, CHAW provides over $100,000 in tuition assistance for art classes and private music lessons, free outreach workshops, and diverse community programming to address arts education inequities. All art sale proceeds will directly support these efforts.

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